Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What A Jagged Little Pill

The first half of October is heinously busy for me, and I start to lose my mind just a little. Okay...a lot. Potato potahto.

I have a dog who is on medication for an under-active thyroid. She takes this little purple pill twice a day. So a few days ago I got her morning pill out as I was getting ready to leave the house. I bit later, I thought to myself how good the other dogs were being. Normally, when I give K her pill, they beg for treats too (and get them) but they hadn't this morning. Good dogs.

But wait...that can't be right. They aren't good dogs...not ever...when it comes to treats. So...hmmm.

Did I even give K her pill? No. I couldn't have. She was still lying in the same spot she had been all morning (I mentioned the under-active thyroid, right?), but she would have moved for a pill filled treat.

So what did I do with it? I know I got it out. Where did I put it?

I retraced my steps, which led me back through the house, to the kitchen, to the glass I had gotten out of the cupboard and filled with water so that I could...so that I could...oh crap.

So yes, I took an animal grade thyroid pill.

And I didn't lose a single pound, thank you very much. I didn't even throw up breakfast. No wonder the dog has been on the damn pills for four years and still weighs over 100 pounds.

Now how do I explain to the vet that I know the pills aren't working?

Do you see the shit I am dealing with here? Really?