Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Never Weren't

I am a quoter. Books. Poetry. Movies. Television. Song lyrics. Someone out there has said it before, and said it better. If you are reading this right now, take a gander upward, and read this blog's title and subtitle. Clearly I have issues. Anyway, as a result of this quoting habit, I am also all about the obscure (or not so obscure) pop culture references.

As a fan of all of this, I am also a fan of the USA television series Psych. As a general rule, each episode has at lease one pop culture reference and/or quote. The shtick can get a little much at times, and as Cullen so correctly pointed out here, the story line often requires a little more suspension of reality than I can muster, I still adore this show simply for the pop culture references.

So in last night's episode, Juliet and Carlton made a reference to Grease in one of their conversations. Later, Carlton said, "Everything else is just speculation. It's like wondering what would have happened if Kenickie had driven at Thunder Road." Juliet asked, "Are we still on Grease?" To which Carlton replied, "We never weren't."

This was hilarious to me, because I am never NOT on something.

This quote has officially become one of my new favorites. Just for fun, here are few others:

From Two and a Half Men (Berta to Allen): "Did you see that bitch? You have to put a whole lotta gone between you and a bitch like that!"

From Something to Talk About (Caroline to her grandpa): "And I'm about running out of patience with you people."

From Grease (Rizzo to Sandy): "Peachy keen, Jellybean." and (Rizzo to Kenickie) "To you from me, Pinkie Lee."

From Happy Gilmore (Happy to Bob Barker): "The price is wrong, bitch."

From Bring It On (Whitney to Torrence): "Don't play dumb. We're better at it than you."

From Bull Durham (Crash to Nuke): "You couldn't hit water if you fell out of a fucking boat."

From the Breakfast Club (Brian to Mr. Vernon): "Could you describe the ruckus?"

From Steel Magnolias (Truvy to Shelby): "I have a strict policy that no one cries alone in my presence."

From Miss Congeniality (Gracie Lou to the group): "It's lite beer and she's gonna throw it up anyway."

From Coach (Coach to Dawber): "Bury it. Bury it with a shovel, then bury the shovel."

From Saturday Night Live (Peyton Manning United Way skit): "I'll kill a snitch. I'm not saying I have and I'm not saying I haven't."

There are so many many more. Some of the above referenced movies are just chuck full of quotable lines. These are just some that I use on a very regular basis. Probably weekly. Maybe daily. Seriously. I am that "demented and sad, but social."

See, I can't stop. I need therapy.